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Zodiac Unmasked

With all this swine flu shit going on, there was a more local news story that recently caught my attention.  I was sitting in the lounge area of one of my school’s buildings waiting for class to start when I saw a San Francisco newspaper with a headline that read “Zodiac Killer To Be Named”.  I was kind of intrigued because I’m a big fan of the 2007 movie Zodiac, which shows the entire history of the Zodiac case.

For those who don’t know, in the late ’60s and early ’70s there were a number of murders committed in the Bay Area by a man who called himself the Zodiac.  As the film Zodiac shows, the identity of the Zodiac killer has never been confirmed although Arthur Lee Allen has always been thought of as the most likely suspect of being the Zodiac.

So apparently yesterday a woman named Deborah Perez claimed that her late father, Guy Ward Henrickson, was the Zodiac and she helped him write many of the  infamous confession notes that were sent to San Francisco police, newspapers and sleuths with elaborate ciphers and riddles, claiming responsibility for 37 deaths.  She also claimed that she had a pair of glasses belonging to the Zodiac’s final victim.  

Of course a lot of people are still pretty skeptical about this claim, especially considering what a long and arduous case the search for the Zodiac killer has been.  I really doubt there will ever be any real closure to this case, but hey it made for a great movie, and who knows maybe with some further evidence this claim will indeed close the door on one of the most brutal series of killings in the history of the  Bay Area.

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