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Kang of the Day

Today, May 29, 2009, our old friend and most active blogger, John, is finally 20 whole years old. But May 29 is more that just J-Dog’s birthday.

Today in 1985, some amputee guy finished a 14-month cross-Canada marathon, sounds like he can make it on his own! In 1953, Tenzing and Edmund Hillary summited Mt. Everest, and they probably agreed that once was enough. In 1935, they finished the Hoover Dam, god damn! In 1942, Bing Crosby, the Ken Darby Singers and the John Scott Trotter Orchestra record “White Christmas,” seven months before the holiday. In 1886, the first Coca Cola ad was printed. In 1790, Rhode Island ratified the Constitution and became the 13th state, in 1848, Wisconsin became a state. Wisconsin rules!

Today’s not just John’s birthday, either. A bunch of celebrities were also born today, like Annette Bening, Bob Hope, Rupert Everett, and composer extraordinaire, Danny Elfman. Speaking of musicians, he also shares his birthday with Noel Gallagher, La Toya Jackson, and Papa Roach. Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the popular President John F. Kennedy.

Harvey Korman died today last year. Jeff Buckley died back in 1997. Probably some other people died too.

But I digress, today is John’s day! The man with the hands, our beloved director. The guy behind the scenes. Pull the strings!

I think you said you were goint to see Drag Me to Hell tonight, but maybe we can go see Up when I get home tomorrow?

As is customary in these posts, I’ve uploaded something on the Internet completely unrelated to the birthday boy. This time it was the missing Roommates episodes from school, along with a new final chapter. Check it out.

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