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From Tap to Trek

I don’t mean to intrude on Classic Album Tuesday but I thought I’d do a quick update and bulk up our post count. First order of business is what’s on the table this week. I’ll probably be doing an album review very soon and I’ll also be going to see The Killers tomorrow, so you can expect a post regarding my thoughts on that. I’m excited that The Soloist is finally coming out this Friday and assume someone will review that depending on who all goes to see it. There’s Bob Dylan’s new album out next week but after that there’s a definite dry spell (at least for me) regarding album release until June.

In other news, mock rockers Spinal Tap have released new information on their upcoming album to commemorate the 25th anniversary of This is Spinal Tap. It’s been announced that the album now titled Back From the Dead will be due out this summer and will be a double album. One disc being a reworked version of Tap’s first album and the second being entirely new material. They have a free download available on their site, but it’s just some one minute long joke, brass song called “Saucy Jack” it’s purposefully stupid and I don’t recommend downloading it.

In preparation of the new Star Trek movie I’ve been submerging myself deep into the original series. I’d always liked the show but never really felt motivated to watch more episodes. So now that I have a reason I’ve checked out some of the most acclaimed episodes and I really love it. I’ve started with Entertainment Weekly’s picks for the best episodes (They list them on Trek’s wikipedia page) so I hope to see enough to do some kind of favorite episodes list on either the week of the new Trek’s release, or the week after. Though I’m not positive I’ll go through with that, I think Sean is playing with the idea of doing a Trek movie list, so we’ll all see how that week plays out soon.

One list I do plan on doing in probably a week or two is “My Top 10 Baseball Movies”. I’ve been renting a few and finally watched Pride of the Yankees though it was pretty weak in my opinion. You practically never see any actual baseball and they basically gloss over his entire major league career. It was really more of an overly sappy love-fest, probably initially acclaimed due to the fact that it came out just a year after Gehrig’s death. I mean if I hadn’t already known before hand, I couldn’t even tell you what position Lou Gehrig played. Oh well, I still got some interesting flicks to check out.

In more personal news, the new family ferret “Steve” or as I occasionally call him; “Young Steven”, “Steve II.” or “Steve Reloaded” is fitting into the family quite well. I probably already like him better then any of the other current ferrets, so he’s definitely an adequate successor to the name of “Steve”. AJ and I should be finishing our music video this weekend and I’ve already got other stuff in the works. Well that’s all for today I got to go study, Otteni out.