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Disappointment, Thy Name is Cameron

I’m sure everyone has heard by now that one of the most anticipated films of our time, James Cameron’s Avatar, has been pushed back to a summer 2010 release. I guess this doesn’t really come as a surprise, since for like a month now we’ve been hearing how Cameron wouldn’t even sign off on a trailer yet.

Cameron says that it’s all about the technology, that he wants the effects to live up to his vision. But, what does that mean? What startling breakthrough have we made recently that would cause such a delay? Or are did the effects people just really fuck something up?

I guess an extra few months isn’t that big a deal after, what, a decade in production? But still, after Wolfman and all the other delays, I thought I could at least look forward to the defining sci fi epic of our time before the year is out. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

This leaves sci fi in the hands of Star Trek and Transformers for the rest of the year. Hopefully they can do well. Spaceships and robots, why arst they so hard to come upon? Actually, the more I think about it, the more excited I get about Rise of the Fallen. Shia keeps proving himself as an incredibly talent actor and I really enjoyed the last one, so what’s not to like?

In other news, did you guys hear how Christian Bale killed a guy in a fit of rage? Or that NBC canceled 30 Rock so they could make Kath & Kim an hour long? How about that Joe Biden calling Sarah Palin a pompous lesbian? That came out of nowhere. I hear Cliff Robertson isn’t feeling well. What a bad day…

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