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Lame Night

I wasn’t sure if there was going to be a classic album segment today, but did anyone see NBC’s new Late Night? I’ve always found Jimmy Fallon pretty lame but I gave it a shot out of curiosity. What did I think? Ehh it didn’t do much for me. The opening monologue was pretty weak and Jimmy Fallon has absolutely no comedic presence. It’s always been a mystery to me how he even made it on to SNL with his all his uncontrollable laughter and insipid delivery. Some of his bits on his new show just didn’t make sense. “Lick it for Ten” where audience members licked objects like lawnmowers or printers for 10 bucks, but what’s funny about that? It’s not like those are really gross things, as a matter of fact they looked pretty damn clean. I wasn’t sure what was supposed to be funny about the showcase of “Blonde Mothers” either, not the most talented writing staff I suppose.

The interviews were a little bit better but it felt like a wasted opportunity with Robert De Niro. Jimmy Fallon jokes about all the questions he emailed De Niro beforehand but when the time came he didn’t really end up generating anything interesting to say anyways. Justin Timberlake was mildly amusing, though he’ll always be tarnished in my mind for his former boy band roots. Speaking of “roots’ what was the deal with The Roots being the house band? Is this going to be a permanent thing or what?

Well that’s all I got, things have been slow here at Cat Fancy but I assume everyone’s been pretty busy, I know have. I went ahead and got No Line on the Horizon today which definitely has it’s moments. I assume Colin will review that in time him being our “Go to U2 guy”. I’m pretty pumped for Watchmen this friday but even more so for Spring Break though it’s awhile from now, oh well Otteni out.