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I Love You, Man

It seems apparent that Paul Rudd is slowly but surely carving out an adequate comedy resume as a leading man. Former Freaks and Geeks cast member Jason Segel has as well been making his mark and here he and Rudd make a likable pairing in the simplistic but easily enjoyable I Love You, Man.

Following the setup of a guy who just got engaged, but with no one to fill his best mane role, I Love You, Man is more or less an opportunity to showcase the off-the-wall humor of it’s mixed cast of characters. The gags here are far from brilliant but it’s a fun, broad kind of humor. Giving the film an “R” rating absolutely works in it’s favor and it’s always nice touch to include some puking from time to time.

There may not be a big draw here celebrity wise, which may be the reason it came in second last weekend at the box office, but if you ask me all the bizarre side characters were key in making this movie. Lou Ferrigno, Jon Favreau, Joe Lo Trugio, that guy from Reno 911 and many more all have their moments in the sun. I’m especially pulling for Jason Segel’s acting career to continue gaining momentum as I’m a definite fan of his work.

Though something that stuck out in my mind was this film’s lack of conflict. I never feel like the characters ever hit a true low point or even learn that much from their experience. So maybe some of the gags could of been cut back for the sake of a better story, though it could of been much worse when you consider the guy who co-wrote/directed this also wrote and directed Along Came Polly. Fortunately enough this is an entertaining light hearted film. I feel like people associated with the “Apatow Gang” have set the bar for comedy much higher these days so I’m always keeping my eye out for the next big thing, but until than these smaller productions will suffice.

P.S. So the popular band worth mention in Role Models was Kiss, this one had Rush.. I wonder what’s next in this line of Paul Rudd comedy flicks?… Journey?


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