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Blitz 2009

Hey, just thought I’d mention for those who are interested or haven’t heard, the Yeahs Yeahs Yeahs latest album It’s Blitz! has moved from it’s original release of mid april to today. I think it was due to some kind of leak back in February but as of March 9th it’s available on itunes and will be in stores tomorrow I believe. I’ve thus far only heard two tracks and it’s definitely an album that’s gonna have to win me over. If you haven’t been following the group they’ve adopted a synth/dance sound for their latest album and so far I’m kind of missing the raunchy edge that usually accompanies the trio’s music.

Looking ahead I can’t think of any really exciting album releases due out this spring. There’s Peter, Bjorn and John on March 30th and some other artists I’m not really big fans of like Iron and Wine and Green Day in May, but I’ll keep my ears peeled. That’s all I’ve got for today, now I just hope winter would end over here Kirkland.

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