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Happy Holidays!

The Cat Fancy crew would love to wish all of our faithful readers a merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah or fun-filled Kwanza. If you celebrate any other holiday, we hope that either did or will go well too. No hatred here, not at this time of the year.

As you celebrate… let’s face it, Christmas, we’d like you to keep the blog in your heart and mind. Sure, we may not update as much around the holidays, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care. Expect some exciting updates in the days to come, and end of the year awards are coming soon too!

Also, we recently passed the 300 post mark, so, it’s almost like we earned a break. Almost.

Some math:

  • 33 Albums declared classic
  • 6 Retrospecticus(es?)
  • 340 Top ten items
  • 33 Posts by Nancy
  • 31 Posts by Colin
  • 135 Posts by John
  • 102 Posts by Sean
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