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T3: Far Out Fads

Here’s a quick T3 that I’d originally planned for 90s week but it somehow ended up on the cutting room floor. It’s mostly the fads that most effected my life in the 90s and what not, enjoy I guess.

10. Pogs – This wasn’t really too big around where I grew up, but I had a handful of pogs that I enjoyed collecting even though I never had anyone to play with.

9. Bop It – Remember Bob it? That was actually pretty fun, especially “Bop-It Extreme 2”

8. Surge – Drinking Surge was just bad-ass at least to my memory. Not everyone drank it that often due to it’s high amount of caffein, but I never missed a chance to get extreme.

7. The Rise of Harry Potter – When British import Harry Potter came to our proud land in 1998 kids went nuts, slowly but surely Harry Potter took the world by storm and even I’ll admit I was fan back in the day.

6. Star Wars Special Edition – When the Star Wars trilogy got a makeover in 1997 it was like the birth of a new wave of fans. I remember it was second grade when kids were buying all the latest star wars toys and bringing them to school. There were new trading cards and all sorts of merchandise, what a time to be alive.

5. Tech Decks – Probably the most annoying fads of it’s time. there were always those kids that brought their finger skateboards to class, playing with them when ever they could. I was never as good as Nancy but I still had a handful and some pretty sweet miniature ramps for em.

4, Razor Scooters – Who knows why these got so popular so fast but I guess some of the most simple things in life tend to be the most enjoyable. Just be careful, I had some bad wipeouts in the day… Well never that bad.

3. Tamagotchi – Everyone had those terribly annoying virtual pets beeping away uncontrollably, unless you were Colin he had like some cheap knockoff. They were fun but I swear if you didn’t feed or entertain that thing for every hour of the day they’d freaking get sick and drop dead with the flick of a wrist. One of my worst fears is going to hell and being attacked by the spirits of all my dead tamagotchi pets.

2. Power Rangers – Looking back it was a weak concept, a lame show with an even worse movie but kids identified with those brave spandex warriors, I especially loved the toys with the flip heads. So many memories of pretending to be these guys at recess, I was always Billy cause he was the smartest, I can still remember the name of the actor, David Yost.

1. Pokemon – Whether it was the cards, the games or the terrible cartoon, every adolescent was all about Pokemon in the late 90s. I still keep my cards stored away in a thick binder, my favorite card was always a holographic Blastoise that I got in my first pack, those were some precious yet nerdy times.

Dishonorable Mention
Beanie Babies – They were just god damn stuffed animals people.