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Post-Music Bullet Points: "Another Way to Die"

I’m damn late on this post, but I thought I’d take some time and discuss my thoughts regarding that new James Bond theme Following a long line of other notable themes such as “Goldfinger” and “Diamonds are Forever” both sung by Shirley Bassey, “Thunderball” sung by Tom Jones, “A View To A Kill” by Duran Duran, “You Know My Name” by Chris Cornell, the awesome “Live and Let Die” by Paul McCartney and others. So like most I was pretty surprised when I heard the theme was recorded and performed by Jack White and Alicia Keys. I have no idea what audience that appeals to, so also like most I found the final product a dissapointment.

* Who partnered these two people together?
* What’s with that crappy drum machine, sounds like a demo.
* There’s no way Alicia Keys had anything to do with writing this song.
* Why is this so slow?
* This is kind of long, no way they’ll play the whole thing.
* Will they make a stupid music video of this, you know with clips from the movie?
* At least I like the brass, that’s a nice touch.
* I wish they’d gone with Muse performing the theme like they’d originally planned, at least they’re British.
* Did you know Jack White plays the drums in this? He’s not half bad.
* Sorry I could only link you to some guy’s crappy YouTube video of the song. I bet that’ll probably be taken down.
* I just realized I’m doing this using asterix’s, if someone wants to fix that be my guest.
* I should’ve written about the Thursday Night NBC premieres instead, they were pretty good.
* Can you believe 30 Rock doesn’t come back until October 30th?

There you go, half assed but true to myself until than have a pleasant tomorrow, Otteni out.