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I took the liberty of taking a chance on seeing a horror movie for the first time since The Village. The Strangers looked creepy enough from the trailer and I had 9 dollars I was looking to throw away. Luckily it all didn’t go in the garbage.

Starts out with a couple coming back to stay the night at the boyfriend’s parents’ summer home. Times seem to be kind of rough for the couple because an unexpected marriage proposal. The boyfriend goes out to buy some cigarettes and all hell brakes loose.

The scares were good, but few and far between. A lot of crawling around bloody for 15 minutes at a time until the next appearance of one of the cool masked guys. I kept hoping for a little more dialogue between our two stars and the family of killers, and was left a little hungry for background on the family, which I knew I wouldn’t get.

I enjoyed it for what its worth, but would only recommend it for someone dying to see a horror flick.

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