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More, More, More!

Well I guess the most anticipated albums (at least for me and my chums) have already come out, but as I was surfing around the web after returning from my vacation I noticed “You know there’s still some intriguing stuff coming our way.” That is at least for me. One I’m actually pretty curious about (which I don’t think most would expect) is Beck’s upcoming album Modern Guilt to be released on July 8th and produced by Danger Mouse. I’ve been off and on with my opinions of Beck, I haven’t heard to much aside from his singles, but I do enjoy Odelay so that must be something. Anyways, it would appear that Beck is trying out a new more trippy kind of sound at least on his new single “Chemtrails” which kind of sounds like The Flaming Lips. Beck will as well be collaborating with Indie singer/songwriter Cat Power on a few tracks, so we’ll see where that takes us.

I wanted to mention a release (which I don’t think anyone will actually want to buy or listen to) but nonetheless I find to be an interesting tidbit, is the new album from what used to be The Darkness. If you remember not long after The Darkness’ second album, lead singer and front man Justin Hawkins was kicked out of the group while the remaining members decided to start a new band. This new band (Lead by most recent bassist Richie Edwards) have now reformed to become the “Stone Gods” So do they sound like The Darkness you may ask? Well unfortunately no, they pretty much suck. What used to be a silly but fun tribute to Hair Metal has now just become a bad joke. With a handful of incredibly generic Metal/Blues Rock tunes I couldn’t care less about Stone Gods (If you miss The Darkness then I’d say you’re better off waiting for Justin Hawkins upcoming solo album) I just wanted to point this out, i really don’t care so I wont even say when it’s released.. Sometime in July.

July 22 will mark a day for two releases, the latest album from inventive Indie Pop rockers Dr. Dog entitled “Fate” and Australian Garage Rock band The Vines 4th studio album “Melodia” Judging from Dr. Dog’s latest single “The Old Days” it would appear that there up to there same old bouncy retro sounding pop music again, which should be a nice midsummer treat. As for The Vines I’m not really sure what to think based off their leading single, the one minute and fifty-seven second tune “He’s a Rocker”. I don’t know why The Vines have become so obsessed with writing such short songs these days, but if anything Melodia could still manage to be a simple and fun 34 minutes of head-banging rock. I’d like to see them get back to their more psychedelic and experimental sounds that were present on Highly Evolved and Winning Days but what are you gonna do?

By the way you can probably expect me to do a “Retrospecticus” of The Vines at some point in time this July I’ve been thinking about it. So long for now C.F. enthusiasts.

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