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C.A.T: Doolittle

Doolittle – Pixies (1989)
After recently playing through this album on Rock Band, it seems quite appropriate to do this week’s CAT on the Pixies crowning achievement, the cult alternative rock classic Doolittle. Filled with dark and offbeat numbers with no two songs sounding alike, Pixies renovated a sound that was quite unlike anything else of the time or today. Fueled by the intensity and ingenuity of Black Francis (or Frank Black or whatever you want to call him) Doolittle presents a more polished sound than it’s predecessor (Surfer Rosa) while utilizing Black’s trademark dark humor presented lyrically and musically.

Though Black is the creative force behind this legendary alternative group, you can’t deny the contributions of the other members on this album. The distorted unique riffs of Joey Santiago, the precision and versatility of drummer David Lovering and the pounding bass/spacey backup vocals of Kim Deal. Pixies show a strong sense of camaraderie here giving the album a very personal feeling. To go over this album track by track would be a very interesting process as every song seems to have it’s kind of unique charm. “Debaser” and “Wave of Mutilation” are heavy latin inspired rock classics while the 60s sounding “Here Comes Your Man” and the memorable “Monkey Gone to Heaven” present a softer side to the group. Songs like “Tame” even started the technique of using soft spoken verses followed by howling and heavy distortion on the chorus (a technique later employed by legendary rockers Nirvana) Top it of with some off-the-wall zaniness and inventive singing styles and you’ve got a classic album. Doolittle is a staple of alternative music and just as influential then as it is today.

Favorite Tracks: “Debaser”, “Here Comes Your Man”, “Hey”

I’d like to continue discussing this with you but it appears I have to leave for Seaside, Oregon right now. I’ll be back this friday, Otteni out…