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The Raconteurs – Consolers of the Lonely

Well here we are well into Spring, with the flowers blooming, the bees, buzzing and a new Raconteurs album out on the shelves. Two years after The Raconteurs grammy award nominated debut album “Broken Boy Soldiers” we are now given a significantly longer and more complex album entitled “Consolers of the Lonely” Now though this new work from these Detroit rockers may not have the same punch or ingenuity as it’s predecessor, it still has a lot going for it with it’s attempt at a bigger, fuller and richer sound. With the addition of acoustic guitars, pianos, fiddles and even brass on many songs, this album is a much more advanced production. I as well get the feel that this new album almost has a bit of country western sound going on. Now for anybody who knows about Jack White, I think you’ve seen that he’s no stranger to Southern Blues Rock (Through his dabbling on several White Stripes songs and with his collaboration with Loretta Lynn) and this sound fits in quite nicely. For the most part the album is split up between Southern Blues Rock songs; “Top Yourself”, “The Switch and the Spur” and Pop/Punk songs; “Salute Your Solution”, “Five on Five.” Which The Raconteurs manage to pull off. Now one of my disappointments was that these new songs aren’t quite as catchy as some of the songs on the first album, but something that I think definitely makes up for this is the improved quality of musicianship. The longer song running times give the band more opportunities to show off their musical skills as all four members are very talented musicians. All in all I’m moderately satisfied with this followup, even though it wasn’t really the direction I wanted them to take their sound in, it still makes for a good listen.

Favorite Tracks: Many Shades Of Black, Salute Your Solution, Top Yourself


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