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Glad All Over

Though I missed the original airing of the 2008 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, I still managed to catch the induction of the only band I really cared about this year “The Dave Clark Five.” It was nice to see DC5 finally get some respect after all these years, as it would seem they’ve kind of fallen of the radar (You can’t even get any of their albums on CD) despite the fact that they were for about two years, The Beatles biggest rivals. Not to mention that they got enough votes to be inducted last year, yet the Hall of Fame still inducted Grandmaster Flash instead. Which I guess isn’t that big a deal except that DC5 lead singer/Organist Mike Smith passed away a few days before this year’s ceremony, and he could of attended if they hadn’t messed with the votes last year.

Anyways, inducting the DC5 was none other than 60s rock fan Tom Hanks (They even played “That Thing You Do” as he walked out). His speech wasn’t particularly engaging but whatever, you got to love Tom Hanks. It was nice to see the three remaining members of the band together finally getting some respect. Dave Clark himself gave a pretty emotional speech, it appeared that this really meant a lot to him. The performances to celebrate them weren’t half bad either, Joan Jett did “Bits and Pieces” followed by an all star tribute from John Fogerty, John Mellencamp and Billy Joel playing “Glad All Over” all in all it was enjoyable.

P.S. This year also marked the induction of the classic surf rock band “The Ventures” Who just happen to be from Seattle. I guess they played like Hawaii Five-O… So good for them.

(Pictured above The Guy from Big and Dave Clark)

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