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Fearless in Philly

For anyone that saw Barack Obama’s latest speech in Philadelphia, (I assume most people heard about on the news or “The Daily Show” or whatever) I must say that it was quite impressive even “Lincolnesque” if you will. I can’t recall seeing anyone on TV (let alone a Presidential candidate) fearlessly address such a controversial topic as race to the people. Him saying that he doesn’t disown his white grandmother or pastor for saying somewhat offensive or even rascist remarks shows real courage, in a situation that most politicians would try to deny or seperate themselves from. I caught the speech on the internet and I can’t help but find his words very much captivating. Now I can’t possibly see how any democratic voter could even think about supporting Clinton, when we have such a strong and straight forward candidate right in front of us. I mean Politicians like Hilary Clinton are a dime a dozen but Barack Obama is truly inspirational.

P.S. The handling of this whole speech on “The Daily Show” was hilarious, I’ve really been liking that Larry Willmore guy which is good because I don’t much care for most of the shows current correspondents. Also if you haven’t checked out Obama’s speech, it’s all over the internet so If your curious you should definitely give it a peek.

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