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Here are a couple stories from the Academy Awards that you might not have heard, unless you read IMDb or watch E!

Brad Renfro did not make the dead celebrities montage; people are pissed. I actually noticed this during the show, but didn’t put too much thought into it at the time. Now, the MPAA says that, “It is simply not possible to include everyone in that segment.” Which is pretty ridiculous, since he was one of the bigger deaths, uh, this year, and how could they not have enough room for 2-3 seconds? So, since the MPAA is not big enough:
In other news, Tilda Swinton said she had a “reverse Zoolander moment” when she won her Oscar. I think that’s pretty cool that an A-list British actress would reference Zoolander, there’s really no punchline here. Now that I think about it, all the acting awards went to foreigners this year… Come on, Americans!

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