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There’s Only One Cocktober

I’m not sure if I’m a hundred percent on board with this years post season advertising. Having Dane Cook is a step up from having David Wells basically saying “Hey, remember when I pitched a perfect game? I was drunk!”

Anyways that magical time of the year is finally upon us. As tradition of the last three years, we had a one game playoff for the AL Central and it was a dandy with Minnesota going tit for tat with a Detroit team that was playing hard for it’s fans back home. The sad thing about that game is whoever won it was going to be at a significant disadvantage in the next series against a juggernaut Yankee team.

I’ll do one of these posts after each series has ended adjusting my predictions for the next round.

ALDS: Twins Vs. Yankees
As much as I want to be wrong, I’m gonna have to say Yankees win the series 3-1. I’ll give Mauer and company one last playoff win in the Metrodome, but its hard to argue with that Yankee line up. I remember a few years ago I saw their lineup in the post season and was like “man that’s probably the best line up 1-9 I’ve ever seen.” Well this one’s better.

ALDS: Boston Vs. Angels
In the midst of my in-season Boston loathing I didn’t really pay attention to them much. I kind of felt that Texas more or less lost the wild card more than Boston won it, but I could be wrong. They are still a strong team and I’ll be rooting for them to oust the Angels, who will have lost in the first round of the playoffs for 3 straight years. I’m Picking Boston to win the series 3-2.

NLDS: Rockies Vs. Phillies
This series is going to be pretty dependent on two things: can the Rockies starting pitching hold up against a prolific Philadelphia lineup, and can the back of the once great Phillies bullpen close it out against a Colorado team that always seems to find a way to win. I’m gonna take the Phillies 32.

NLDS: Cardinals Vs. Dodgers
I’ve heard a lot of hoopla about this Dodger team but it really doesn’t excite me that much. Joe Torre is still running out the vastly inferior Ronnie Belliard over Orlando Hudson which could be a problem. I like the Cardinals front three pitchers, Carpenter, Wainright, and Pinero and it doesn’t hurt to have that Pujols guy. Cardinals 3-2.

The thing about post season baseball is anything can happen. They play 162 games for a reason. That reason being there are so many random occurrences that can go on in any one particular baseball game. The law of large numbers evens these variables out so we can decide the rightful owners of the division crowns. But for logical reasons they throw that out the window and make these teams fight it out for a month. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing at all. It’s the magic of October and that’s why we love it.