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CAW: Boston


Boston’s self titled debut album is among one of my favorite classic rock records. From start to finish it is filled with classic hits and shows of one of the most talented rock bands in their era. From an engineering stand point this album came out with some very unique guitar sounds.

Tom Scholz was playing around with future members Barry Goudreau and Brad Delp, and then was like, “you guys suck.” So he broke up the band and recorded the entire album by himself in his basement with Delp on vocals. It attracted attention from Epic records and they were like, “Hey, you guys gotta record this in a legit studio.” And then Scholz was like, “Syke, this rocks.” So they compromised and a studio band recorded most of the instruments in LA, while Scholz did the rest of the overdubs in his basement studio. Only two tracks include all of the guys that would tour under the name Boston, Foreplay/Long Time and Let Me Take You Home Tonight.

In 2003 the album went 17x platinum establishing that was an instant classic and will continue to be for along time to come.

Look at those F**king Stars.


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