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T3: Most Hated Mariners

In lieu of quite possibly the worst Mariner season in franchise history, I thought we’d go back and look at some of the worst and most hated players in the M’s 31 years.

10. Richie Sexson
All in all I think Big Richie gets a bad wrap. He played pretty well for us for several years, and though he may not be worth the money he was paid, that is not necessarily his fault. It was not til this past season when he started getting booed nearly every home stand because of is dangerously Valle-like batting average. I expect him to be cut from the team soon, but I wish him well in his future endeavors if any team is stupid enough to sign him.

9. Bob Melvin
Even though he isn’t the worst manager of our generation, he most certainly is the most hated.
After inheriting a steller ball club from Lou Pinella in 2003, the team went 93-69 but just missed the playoffs. Unluckily Melvin’s stellar ball club reached that drop off age, and stars like Edgar, Olerud, and Wilson dramatically declined in 2004. He was fired after the second worst season in Mariner history and has gone on to great success in Arizona.

8. Jarrod Washburn
Probably one of the worst free agent signings in the history of competitive sports, Jarrod Washburn has turned out to be 37 million dollars worth of 85 mph fastballs and excuses. He’s complained through out the years of the weather, the catcher, and how he is just really bad. I hope he goes and rots in the National League so we never really have to hear about him ever again.

7. Heathcliff Slocumb
This one forced me to do a little bit of research, and it turns out that he was not really that bad. It was just revealed some years later that the guy we traded for him was none other than Jason Varitek, All-Star Catcher and captain of the 2004 and 2007 World Series Champion Boston Redsox. Looking back at this guy, he really was not worth making the 1997 playoffs if we could have kept Varitek and had a decent successor to Dan Wilson.

6. John Halama
Despite being the number 1 pitcher in the Atlantic Coast League right now, and throwing a perfect game for the Tacoma Rainiers, his mediocrety in the big leagues forced Seattle fans to develope a mild hatred for the man.

5.Dave Valle
Although he is one of our most beloved color analysts on television, there was a time where no one wanted him near the Kingdome, let alone the press box. Looking at this baseball card that Sean gave me, I can understand why my dad is still frustrated to the day when he hears his voice on tv. He was afraid of confrontation at homeplate, unlike Wilson, a former hockey goalie, who would block the plate with his legs and not allow any one to get anywhere near that plate. He hit right at or below .200 most of his career w/ the Mariners, and sometimes local bars would have Dave Valle Specials, selling hard drinks at the price of his batting averege.

4. Horacio Ramirez
This man solitifies why Bill Bavasi is and was a terrible general manager. In the winter of 2007 Bavasi traded one of our premier relievers, Rafael Soriano, for veteren suckbag Horacio Ramirez. The front office kept talking through out the season how Horam would turn it around and start pitching like he used to. The problem was, he always sucked. Ever since his reconstructive elbow surgery he has been terrible, and there was never any sign of him getting better. Then last off season the Mariners signed him again, striking fear into any fan, but then thankfully released him before the season started.

3. Jose Mesa
I can remember sitting on my couch begging my parents to stay up and watch the rest of the thrilling Mariner games on tv that would go past 10:00. But it seemed like whenever they would let me, Mr. Mesa would come in, walk the bases loaded, then just keep walkin them in like they needed excersise. It is a memory that is engrained in my head, and I will never get it out. So for that, I hate Jose Mesa.

2. Jeff Cirillo
It seems like whenever the Mariners sign a free agent like a Jeff Weaver or a Pokey Reese, I am always optomistic. Cirillo’s numbers in Colorado were great. He batted .313 with a good OPS for Colorado in 2001. But we soon found out why his numbers would not transfer over to Safeco Field. 1. He was playing in the National league, 2. He was playing in Colorado, where AJ could probably hit a home run. In his 2 years as a Mariner he batted .227 and was one of the most disapointing Mariners of all time.

1. Bobby Ayala
What can we say. The man, the legend, the goatee. He was possibly the worst Mariner pitcher and most hated man in the Pacific Northwest, yet he managed to stay on the team for several years after he should have been booted. I’ve heard everything from he was Lou’s stepson to he had dirt that he would reveal on Lou. But if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t have the hilarious Almost Live jokes or this phenomanal list.


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