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T3: Rob and Big

Well all good things must come to an end, and this week was the series finale of MTV reality
show Rob and Big. I feel like I learned a lot about being best friends and stuff.

10. Time Travel
One day Rob decided to take out a time machine he had purchased before Big Black had moved in. They can’t get it to work, so they call the man that made it. This man refuses to meet in person because he thinks Rob and Big are aliens.

9. Turd in the Pool
The duo come home from skate boarding only to find that there has been some human doo-doo in the pool. They turn to Drama, Rob’s cousin, and invite a polygraph examiner to evaluate the situation. It turns out he didn’t do it, so they just pump out the pool, skate, get a cool mural drawn, and return to their every day lives.

8. “Netting Spider Man”
After purchasing a net gun in an earlier episode, Rob and Big are driving through the streets of Hollywood when they notice some douchebag dressed as Spider Man harassing people. They return home, grab the net gun, and drive-by net him while screaming “Rob and Big bitch!”

7. Turtle Racing
The boys stop by a local bar and notice that underground turtle racing is an up and coming sport. After a dismal performance from their rent-a-tortoise, they decide to go and capture one in the wild. Speedy Ka-ka-ka-klakston did not fare as well either, so they ended up releasing him into the wild.

6. Special Buddies
After seeing the cover of a cereal called “Good Friends” with a white woman and a black woman on the cover smiling. Rob knew it was destiny. So they dressed up in old women drag and took their own picture and sent it in to the cereal company. After getting turned down, Rob surprised Big with a fake cereal box entitled “Special Buddies.”

5. Dirty Girl
Big Black’s Uncle Jerry comes to town and they decide to film a music video for Rob’s alter Ego “Bobby Light”. The song is entitled “Dirty Girl” and was later released on iTunes.

4. Guinness World Records
Rob picks up a copy of the record book at the grocery store and notices how easy most of the skate boarding records are. So he decides to give Guinness a call and they come out from england to witness history. Not only did Rob break 21 records including most 360 flips in a minute and longest boardslide, but Big Black broke two records of his own. Most bananas peeled and eaten in one minute (3) and most powdered doughnuts eaten in three minutes (5).

3. Black Lavender
For some reason Big Black decides to start stripping under his alias “Black Lavender”. I guess you had to be there.

2. Big Bob
When Rob realizes he can’t relate to Big’s struggles of being obese, they call a make up artist and Rob gets a make over. With a fat suit, 3 hours of prosthetics, and stilts, Rob is transmorphed into 7 ft, 400 pound Big Bob. He finds out what it’s like when your fat and even tries to skateboard.

1. Finale
When Big Black knocks up some bitch, he has to finally move out. An emotional day full of flashbacks and mediocrity. This probably isn’t the best episode, but definitely the most powerful.

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