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My Deepest Apologies

Between 9 hours of class, rehearsal, practicing, softball, homework, and moving into my new dorm room, I haven’t really had the time to bless all the readers with my fruitless knowledge of pop culture tidbits. I appreciate all the work Sean has done on the site, and love reading everyone daily opinions on music, movies, and more. Not to make this blog a place to resort to internet arguing, but indirectly posting your discontent is not as nice as asking upfront.

Well with all this behind us, here and Ellensburg people are jumping off the Mariner band wagon like it was filled with poisonous wheat bread. Sure we had 4 straight losses to one of the worst teams in baseball, but remember, it is April. There is 162 games over 6 months. We are barely a week into the season, and the we happened to lose a couple 1 run games. One run games can really go either way, and with an offense like ours, (not every consistent) we are bound to lose those kind of games. Another thing that erks my jerks is that people are saying that our bullpen is terrible. Sure Putz went down, O’Flaherty has been less than desirable, and there’s this really drunk guy sitting behind me right now, but I don’t think its the bullpen, as much at it is McLaren’s utter stupidity. He put In O’flaherty 3 days in a row, in key situations, and it ultimately led to them losing the game every time. I could understand maybe 2 in a row but 3? Why do that when you have a perfectly good Ryan Rowland-Smith wasting away in the pen? Plus Green, Baek, Caucaron, and hopefully Dickey soon are legit.

But taking 2 of 3 from a surprisingly good Rays team is a good sign, and its good to see the bats come alive tonight against the Angels. Our starting pitching is pretty outstanding besides that fat piece of Washburn. Once Putz gets back we will be fine.

Well I have to get up tomorrow for the big Pre-Season Softball Tournament so I’d better get to bed.

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