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The Men – Tomorrow’s Hits

The Men released one of my favorite albums 0f 2012, and since then they’ve released an album I liked just fine in 2013 and one in 2014 that’s so middle-of-the-road that I have a hard time getting through it without feeling the urge to listen to something else.  Which does create a bit of a dilemma with The Men for me, since I initially respected their fast-paced work ethic as well as their will to do something different each time.  Yet that idea of doing a new album each year, which seems like such a rare thing these days, seems a little pointless when it almost feels like The Men are devolving with each new release.  The sound on Tomorrow’s Hits leans towards some of the most straight-up, bar band-ish rock you could imagine, which seems like something I’d enjoy considering I’ll always rank Bruce Springsteen and The Hold Steady among my favorite artists.  Though for some reason, very little of Tomorrow’s Hits really hits anything with me.  Possibly it’s because I can’t help but be reminded of the not-too-distant memory of Open Your Heart, and yearn for something remotely as thrilling as “Turn It Around”, though “Different Days” gives it its best shot.  But again, I can’t really complain when the other artists that placed higher than The Men on my top 10 albums of 2012 still haven’t released another album, and probably won’t for a while (I’m looking at you, Fiona Apple).  So since I assume The Men already have another album waiting for us in 2015, I’ll just say better luck next year.