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Are you prepared for a creeping, unsettling feeling? A feeling that leads you down a dark hallway of dread ending in a terror so sublime you’ll believe everything that is right and good in the world has been ripped away from you? Well, you’re going to have to get your fix somewhere else, weirdo. We generally keep things pretty light here at Top Ten Thursdays. Sure, this week you can expect a casual reference to the indiscretions of Catholic priests, but things aren’t going to be that far from the usual. We’re just talking about the greatest horror movies of all time, or at least our favorites. If nothing else, consider this a list of suggestions for your Hallow’s Eve.

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[toggle title_open=”Spoiled!” title_closed=”Spoilers!” hide=”yes” border=”yes” style=”default” excerpt_length=”0″ read_more_text=”Read More” read_less_text=”Read Less” include_excerpt_html=”no”]10. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
9. Rosemary’s Baby
8. An American Werewolf in London
7. Evil Dead II
6. The Night of the Living Dead/Dawn of the Dead
5. The Exorcist
4. Frankenstein/Bride of Frankenstein
3. Alien
2. Psycho
1. The Shining

  1. Well, before I listen and find out what’s on your list, here are some of the movies I’ve seen in my life that scared the heck out of me when I first saw them: Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte; House on Haunted Hill; Repulsion; Night of the Living Dead; Alien; I’m sure I’m forgetting a few, but these come to mind. Now, my brother Peter would most likely have The Wonderful Wizard of Oz on his list, because it terrified him at about age 4. He begged our father to take the ax and chop the TV to kill the evil Orcs or whatever they were called before they could light the scarecrow on fire. But, he was just a straw man, anyway. Sorry, couldn’t resisit. Anyway, ask him about W of Oz…. Now, to see if any of mine are on your list…

  2. OK, I’m back. These were on your list and should be on mine too:
    An American Werewolf in London
    The Exorcist
    The Shining
    Rosemarys Baby

    And here’s one more I thought of: Blair Witch Project. My criterios is purely how terrified I was when I first saw the movie (and I was much younger…) Of all of these, the one that scared the pants off me the most was Night of the Living Dead, in about 1971 or 72 at the Vanguard Coffee House and Theater in Westport, Missouri. On a warm summer evening… but that’s another story.

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