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To Mock? Or Not to Mock?

This is weird cause my fellow co-bloggers and I were just talking about this topic on skype recently. Joaquin Phoneix the man who “supposedly” quit acting to focus on his “rap career”. What followed was a confusing series of incidents including a now infamous interview on Letterman and Joaquin Phoenix falling off a stage at a club. Word soon arose that a documentary directed by actor/Joaquin’s brother-in-law Casey Affleck was being made about his career change, hmm the plot thickens. Phoenix denied time and time again that this was a hoax but recent reports have said that the documentary has been completed and shown to buyers and the word “mockumentary” has begun to surface again.

So is it all a hoax? Maybe it’s being called a mockumentary just because of how stupid it is? At this point it appears to be leaning towards the “It was all a big joke” category and if that’s true, than I think that’s just brilliant. It’s a stunt so bold that it seems like something concocted from the mind of Andy Kaufman. Why have I been following this story so closely? Well what’s funnier than a hoax that fooled all of Hollywood? Not to mention I love mockumentaries. This gimmick has potential and I really hope it lives up to what it could be.

What I also find amusing is all the people hearing about the “now possible hoax film” who are angry like, “That’s not funny, what a douchebag, blah blah blah who still cares?” These can only be the words of someone who hates being fooled. Most people don’t like what they don’t expect, sad but true. I’m still holding out for this to turn out to be a stunt but only time can tell.

Either way I got to get a copy of this song.

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