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The Crazies

Originally I’d planned to see Cop Out this weekend but was quickly scared off after the reviews came in. Reading Sean’s review I’m glad I went with the general consensus instead of taking a risk. So I opted for the generally better received The Crazies. A remake of one of George A. Romero’s 70s pandemic horror flicks.

I tried watching the original a few years ago but never finished it for reasons I can’t remember. I really didn’t expect much but just had that burning desire to go to the movies this week. So was The Crazies any good? It was okay but even that’s a big win when you look at the majority of horror remakes.

Not much to set up here; small town, everybody knows everybody, easy going townsfolk at least until the shit hits the fan. Cue random people acting “zombie-like” and then it’s all up to the handsome local Sheriff (Timothy Olyphant from Deadwood) to get to the bottom of everything. So you got a few half dozen scenes of people being snuck up on, mysterious occurrences that always seem to lead to someone saying “Wait right here… I’m gonna go check it out.” and plenty of jump-outta-yer-seat shenanigans and then cue the military. I think this where it actually gets sorta interesting as our team of survivors including; the Sheriff, his wife, his deputy and some scared chick are pitted against not only “The Crazies” but the military as well.

For the most part it’s the same old horror movie bull we’ve already seen but it’s got some life to it. There’s an entertaining sequence in a car wash and no shortage of gore filled free-for-alls. Like when Timothy Olyphant gets his hand pinned to the ground with a knife… I liked that. It was the few little bits I didn’t expect to see that made it relatively worth my while. It floats somewhere between that 2 1/2 to 3 star range, by no means bad but you’ll of forgotten it by the next day.

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