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R.I.P Top Ten Thursdays

February 14th 2008 – April 2nd, 2009
It seemed like the consensus last time we all met that “Top Ten Thursdays” have become too much of a hassle. Seeing as we haven’t had one in awhile, I think it’s safe to say that T3’s can now be put to rest. Though we’ll still be doing “Top Tens” every now and then, they will most likely be for special occasions. It’s tough for me to see them go but I understand, it can get exhausting after awhile. I wished we could of kept them but I suppose it became more of a burden than something to look forward to as the months went by.

So I guess this means “Classic Album Tuesday” is next? Well not yet it isn’t. I know Colin and I enjoy it, so maybe it’ll just be up to me and him to continue on it’s legacy and if Sean wants to pop in with an occasional Journey album than he should go for it.

To really make this the last “Top Ten Thursday” I thought I’d list my personal favorite T3’s in no particular order. Feel free to leave a comment with some of your favorites as well.

– T3: Rock Em Sock Em Robots
By Colin

: Robots are always cool, am I right?

– T3: X-Cited
By John

: It was a lot of fun sitting down to watch a bunch of X-Files and see what episodes were my favorite. This post probably had the most enjoyable research for myself.

– T3: Holiday Things
By Nancy

: Anything that reminds me of how hilarious it is when someone crashes in my yard is good enough for me.

– T3: The Best Double Albums Rock n’ Roll Has To Offer
By Collin

: Doesn’t seem like there was enough music themed T3’s, but this one was pretty good. It’s what finally gave me the initiative to listen to London Calling which I now love.

– T3: Gaming Peripherals
By Sean

: Sean said this would probably go down in history as the worst T3, but I think he’s suffered brain damage. Very nostalgic, especially the “Super Disadvantage.”

– T3: Most Hated Mariners
By Nancy

: I love “Worst” lists, it shows that we can look back at past mistakes and now laugh at them… Or be haunted by them.

– T3: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
By John

: It seems like I rarely get to talk about Cryptozoology so this was a rare treat.

– T3: Rob and Big
By Nancy

: What can I say? They’re such good friends.

– T3: Uh, Oh, Well…
By Sean

: Sean’s apparently random ranking of bizarre sea life was certainly a comical surprise… Except for the addition of Dolphins, what the hell was that?

– T3: Action Jackson
By John

: Not that I think it’s a great list but it was just a lot of fun to write.

P.S. This isn’t some late April Fools joke, this is the real deal.

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