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Verve, It’s What You Do

The Verve – Forth

Forth, the fourth album from British rockers The Verve, was the first album by them I had heard.  But “Bittersweet Symphony” was pretty sweet, the album artwork is really nice, and Peter seems to like them, so I gave them a chance.  Frankly, I can’t wait to peruse the rest of their catalogue.

There are ten songs on this album, but they are all very long.  The shortest is more than four and a half minutes long.  And that is the greatest weakness and strength here.  Sometimes the songs take you on a pleasant sonic trip.  Other times it just feels like they are too long.
The Verve hook you in with “Sit and Wonder,” one of the strongest tracks on the record.  About an hour of somewhat psychedelic tunes later, and the last hums of “Appalachian Springs” fade out.  Really, there aren’t any memorable tunes.  But like I said, it’s pleasant.


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