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New Intimacy on the Bloc

Bloc Party – Intimacy

Those Bloc Party guys know how to make a catchy song. That was clear a few years ago when Silent Alarm came out. Then they showed they can change shit up with A Weekend in the City, a much more personal effort. Despite it’s title, with their third album the band tries to have the best of both worlds. And while that ultimately makes it their weakest release yet, it certainly doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable.
Things kick off with the explosive “Ares,” and the familiar-sounding “Mercury.” Where have I heard that song before? Anyway, things pick up again with rockin’ tracks like “Halo” and “Trojan Horse,” mixed in with slightly more melancholic tunes. But it’s pretty clear that despite the album name and almost all the lyrics, Bloc Party wants you dancing to this stuff.
So yeah, it’s not that great, but it’s not bad either. A fairly enjoyable album from a fairly enjoyable band. Bloc Party aren’t pushing any boundaries, but they don’t need to when there’s so much fun to be had.

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