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Well we know it’s not Lando…

So it’s 3:14 AM, I just finished watching episode’s 1 and 2 w/ ben because he hasn’t seen any star wars, and the same troubling thing came up. Every time I watch episode II, I am can not for the life of me figure out who the hell Jedi Master Sifa-dias is. I’ve spent the last 3 hours of my life looking up all this random stuff on forums to see if I could learn more about this guy. I’ve read everything from “Oh it’s Qui-Gon!” to its Count Duku. I’m pretty sure I’ve talked to Sean about this, but I can’t remember so I thought I’d bring it up at least one more time.

Now it can’t possibly be Qui-Gon, because thats just dumb. The guy’s logic is that they say that Sifa-Dias died 10 years before AOTC, and that is when Phantom Menace took place. But this guy also says that Qui-Gon is a sith, and lots of people make fun him on the forum so he can not possibly be credible.

It also can’t be Dooku, because he is totally oblivious to the clones being made. Even though Jango is recruited by Dooku? And he is the clone blue-print?

The only plausible option I can think of is that Darth Sidious went by the name “sifa-dias” which is really just an alternation of “sida-dias” which evolved to “sidious”. This makes sense sorta because he needed the republic to have an army to fight the separatists, and we all know he was masterminding both sides of the war. The thing that doesn’t make sense is how Obi-Wan seems to know who this guy was, and knew that he had died. But when you go back and look it seems like Windu and Yoda haven’t a clue who he is.

Well either way you can go back and look at it from a million perspectives, and none of them seem to be completely air-tight. It just seems strange to me that there would be such a huge plot hole in such a big movie franchise. I also read that Lucas was intending to wrap up this part of the saga in Revenge of the Sith, but he must of been distracted by all of his piles of money. I was then referred to some Star Wars novels where it was explained, and I was like, “What do I look like, some kind of Star Wars nerd?”

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