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T3: Genesis… Sorry, not the band

I think I’m due for one of these so I’ll go ahead and post something, (I’ve been meaning to post this particular one for a while) In honor of Sean’s SNES post I decided I’d list my favorite Sega Genesis games. Now Naturally I can only rank the ones I’ve played, which means I will unfortunately miss a couple that a lot of people like (Such as “Gunstar Heroes” and “Shinobi III”) but I’ve still played most of the classics and I’ll certainly do my best. I’ve tried to keep the list for the most part “Genesis Exclusive” because some of these games I just so strongly associate with the Sega, but anyhow let’s dive right into it.

10. General Chaos (1994)
I was originally going to give this spot to “Ecco the Dolphin” but then I had to face the facts that Ecco is kind of overrated, so I went ahead with this lesser known but still very entertaining strategy game. “General Chaos” is probably one of the silliest strategy games I’ve ever played. By either commanding the forces of “General Chaos” or “General Havoc” you put together your squad to wage war on some rough terrain in order to smite your opponent. With a choice of men including; Brutes, Grenadiers, guys with dynamite, and some guy who looks like Bono (with a flame-thrower) G.C. is a game of wits with loads of violence and satire. I still go back to this one every once in a while for the nostalgia and it’s always good for laugh.

9. Vectorman (1995)
Yes the intergalactic garbage man takes the next spot, I mean how could you have a Sega list without the V-Man? An action packed, lazer shooting side scroller, involving distant planets, robots and even giant insects… What’s not to like? Vectorman has more than just a handful of “blast your way” across the screen levels. Why you can transform into vehciles or tools, and there’s even a handful of levels (from a birds-eye view) where you can even play as 3D tank, not bad.

8. Phantasy Star IV (1994)
Now I’m not the biggest RPG’s fan, but this is definitely one that always stood out in my mind. PHIV (My favorite of the series) combines crisp and colorful graphics with some great action packed gameplay. With many characters joining your side and all sorts of quirky sci-fi elements, PHIV is a must play for fans of the Genesis. A game that still feels fresh after a good amount of game-play. This RPG is top of the line.

7. Columns (1990)
A puzzle game where you can just relax and play for hours, “Columns” is a close competitor for my favorite puzzle game. (Of course nothing can beat “Tetris”) This Similar yet slightly easier game certainly has a lot to like. With a memorable soundtrack and classic video game sound effects, “Columns” has replay value up the wazoo.

6. Toe Jam & Earl (1991)
A rare game to find these days, “Toe Jam & Earl” was one of the best multiplayer games I’d ever played back in the 16 bit era. Traveling from world to world as the funky yet bizarre coupling of Toe Jam and Earl, this comedic alien platform game was one of the best of it’s kind. I still look around as often as I can for it, but it’s certainly one that you can’t get for cheap anymore.

5. Super Street Fighter II (1994)
Though this was released on a handful of systems I decided to tag it on here anyways. Now I haven’t had as many years under my belt playing this game, but I can definitely tell you that it’s one of the best fighting games of it’s time, perhaps even of all time?. SSFII has a colorful cast of international characters, facing off with bone crunching combos on some pretty detailed stages. It’s not quite as good as that Jean Claude Van Damme movie but it’s definitely earned it’s place in video game history.

4. Streets of Rage (1991)
The Definition of “Side Scrolling Beat Em’ Up” games “Streets of Rage” is perfect for two players. Combining Hip Urban tunes with detailed City landscapes, SOR just screams 90s right at you. With a choice between three rough customers and plenty of melee weapons along the way, you’ll be ready to take down some of those nasty bosses (who all seem to be 8’ft tall)

3. Shining Force (1993)
Now II think “Shining Force” has to be the best strategy game to ever cross my path! I mean this is one of my favorite games of all time so it had to be here. There’s just a lot of depth put into this game; tons of different stages, really great music, over 30 characters to choose from and some unique gameplay. I’ve played through “Shining Force” countless times and always love every minute of it. Might be a sweet name of an Hair Metal band too…

2. Golden Axe (1989)
Long Haired Warrior Dudes, Dragons, Dwarves… This is incredibly metal and loads of axe battling fun. It’s pretty short but it leaves quite an impact. Some day Colin and I will beat “The Death Adder” (which is also a good name for a Metal band) but until than we shall rest in the shade.

1. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992)
Yeah you know it, you gotta have Sonic on top and this one has always been my favorite. The bonus stages are trip and there is actually some nice multiplayer goin on here. The music, graphics and sound are all great… Awesome?

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