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New Zealand: Just like The Lord of the Rings!

Flight of the Conchords

One of HBO’s newer sitcoms; Flight of the Conchords shows us the daily adventures of the New Zealand band of the same name trying to find success in New York City. There names are Jemaine and Bret, and though in real life they are comedians, in the show the music is taken very seriously. Their manager, Murray, works in the New Zealand consulate and has largely no idea what he’s doing. Mel is the band’s only fan, who spends most of her time stalking the band with her husband. And Dave is Jemaine and Bret’s best friend, who runs a pawn shop and dispenses advice to them. The whole cast is very good, providing lots of laughs in between the songs. But the songs take the center stage as both very amusing and pretty catchy. This is a great show, one of the funniest on TV. The first season is over and the band are working of writing the new season right now, so go pick the DVD or something. You won’t regret it.

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