John’s Top Ten TV Shows of 2019

While writing my list I noticed something. Out of the ten shows I picked for my favorites of 2019, only one is over an hour long. I remember a time when all the GOOD shows were an hour long. Like The Sopranos. It just goes to show how the evolution of the TV and all the ways to consume TV have broken down a lot of conventions. Shows can be as long as they need to be when they don’t need to worry about commercial time.

Which also explains why a majority of my selections are streaming-based. I don’t know if any of this is good or bad for the medium or if we need to cool it on the number of shows available, but as of now, I feel good about it. After all, you don’t have to watch all of it.

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Sean’s Top 10 TV Shows of 2019

Man, I really need to watch Succession, huh? 2019 was the end of the decade and it felt like it everything I loved had to end with it. In the last year, I said goodbye to the likes of Steven Universe, Broad City, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Catastrophe, Veep, Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas, The Tick, Jessica Jones (and all Marvel Netflix), Game of Thrones, Fleabag, Legion, Bajillion Dollar Propertie$, Silicon Valley, and Mr. Robot. That list doesn’t even include shows that are returning for brief final stretches this year, like Bojack Horseman and The Good Place. So yeah, that Succession is looking pretty good.

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The Pick: The Rise of Skywalker

Ever since The Force Awakens came out 4 years ago, we’ve reviewed a Star Wars movie almost every year in podcast form (sorry Solo). And almost every time, our takes have been fairly cold, seeing as these movies often come out around the holidays, when its hardest to coordinate a podcast among Mildly Pleased’s contributors. Alas, here is our review of the final movie in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, The Rise of Skywalker. We’re joined by our friend and Star Wars superfan Matt Carstens for a lively (and long) discussion about went wrong with The Rise of Skywalker, what went right, and where things go from here. Continue reading


John’s Top Ten Albums of 2019

Welcome to the first post of 2020! So let’s start this year off wrong! I mean right. Shit.

So, a whole top ten? I don’t know. I didn’t listen to much this year. Maybe because I need to fix my car stereo? Yeah, that’s right, I listen to music on the radio. Like a neanderthal. Which means this list is a weird mishmash of mainstream stuff you could (and probably did) hear everywhere and then one or two deep cuts that are the result of me actually trying. But whatever. Go music!

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Sean’s Top 10 Albums of 2019

The year that was 2019 felt excruciatingly long and full of terrors. Yet, somehow, the end of the year really snuck up on me. Usually, as the year goes on, I keep a list of albums I’ve liked and need to revisit, then actually do that starting around November. Unfortunately, some real life distractions and my own focus on getting my best of the decade lists in order resulted in me never getting around to a proper list-making process this year. So this is about as far from a “best of 2019” list as I’ve ever done, really it’s just the 10 albums I’ve listened to the most. I’m even going to forgo honorable mentions, because my list of those right now is about 40 albums.

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Colin’s Top Ten Albums of 2019

It seems that the route most internet publications took this year was posting their top ten lists of the decade, and then their top tens of 2019. We’re taking the opposite approach here at Mildly Pleased, seeing as we’ll be doing our top tens of 2019 over the next few weeks, and then switching gears to our top tens of the decade. Which is fine, since we’re in no hurry. We still need to catch up with things this time of year since we’re not professional culture critics, and January and February are such nothing months that we might as well spend them looking back on the decade. But first, let’s take a look back at the year we’re currently in (barely). Continue reading

The Pick: Love Actually

It’s that yule time of year, so we of course had to talk about a Christmas movie on The Pick. What John picked was Love Actually, a “Christmas classic” that he’s long had a beef with. This movie’s many flaws are discussed over the course of a somewhat cranky Christmas conversation, which sees us breaking up each of the film’s many storylines and dissecting them one-by-one. Also, keeping with the theme, we each share some holiday-related Little Picks. Continue reading