C.A.T. Revisited: Moby Grape

Moby Grape – Moby Grape (1967)

At the moment, I’m using my 30-year-old record player to listen to a vinyl copy of Moby Grape’s 50-year-old debut, an album I first listened to on mp3s downloaded from the song-sharing app Limewire. There have been many technological advances that have changed the way we listen to music (namely streaming) in the past 10 years, but this snapshot of my current listening habits is not a great example of that. Regardless, as we take a look back at 10 years of Mildly Pleased this week, we’ll take this particular Tuesday to look back at one of our longest-running features – Top Ten Thursdays. And we’ll do it by revisiting the first albums each of us ever christened classics back in 2008. Continue reading

The Big Ten

February 2008. The U.S. stock market indices plunge more than 3% after a report shows signs of economic recession. Amy Winehouse takes home Record of the Year for her hit song “Rehab” at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards. Fool’s Gold starring Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson is the #1 movie at the Box Office, and a fresh-faced junior Senator from Illinois captures the hearts and minds of a nation. This was the world Mildly Pleased was born into.

February 2018. The Dow Jones share index closes down at its biggest drop since 2008. Bruno Mars takes home Record of the Year for his hit song “24K Magic” at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards. Fifty Shades Freed is the top movie at the Box Office. Also, the president is a racist grandpa and some guy launched his car into space. Needless to say, a lot has changed, but one thing has remained the same. MildlyPleased.com and today is our 10th Anniversary.

Yes, for ten years now we have delivered some of the most mildly pleasing movie, music, and video game reviews. We’ve recorded podcasts and made controversial videos about Brendan Fraser being fat. Take it from our good friend Adolfuis on YouTube “You Guys are scum.” Well, we’re always trying to better ourselves Adolfuis, and I like to think after ten years we’re a little closer.

To commemorate this milestone we’ve put together a week of themed posts. Here’s the breakdown:

Tuesday – Classic Album Tuesdays – Revisited: We revisit our first ever selections for “Classic Album Tuesday”.

Wednesday – Worst Wednesday: We reflect on our less than stellar musings.

Thursday – Top Ten Favorite Reviews: We discuss our favorite pieces of pop culture we’ve reviewed on the site.

Friday: We announce our first inductee into the “Mildly Pleased Hall of Fame”

We hope you enjoy our celebration and would like to thank every writer, reader and spam bot who has ever crossed paths with this blog. Now let’s see how much longer we can keep this dream alive.

Thanks, everybody!

Top Ten Anticipated Movies of 2018

Another year, another slate of movies to get your hopes up about and be inevitably disappointed by. Though, from looking at year’s past, Sean and John have had a pretty good track record of predicting movies that end up being pretty good (John called four movies that ended up on his top ten last year!) Meanwhile, Colin aims to keep up his streak of naming movies he won’t see (he was 10 for 10 last year). That’s right, it’s the most anticipated movies of (the month old) 2018! Continue reading


C.A.T.: White Light/White Heat

The Velvet Underground – White Light/White Heat (1968)

Today marks the fiftieth anniversary of White Light/White Heat. Like to the day. It was released EXACTLY fifty years ago TODAY. Just want that to sink in. Now onto this week’s “Classic Album Tuesday”.

I got into The Velvet Underground when I was in college and have vivid memories of how the Velvet’s consumed my life for the better half of a year. It started during a “Class 3 Killstorm” which is an extreme way of saying it was during winter when it was snowy. Cooped up inside, I paged through my Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums magazine and decided it was time to go underground.

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Jeff Rosenstock – POST-

Some people seize the moment, while others wait for the moment to seize them. In the Fall of 2016, Jeff Rosenstock seemed to be doing a bit of both when he released his break-out solo effort WORRY. at a precise moment in time when all anyone with half a brain could do was worry. After years of playing in various punk bands with a fiercely DIY-aesthetic, Rosenstock finally seemed to be taking advantage of all his skills at once, by releasing an album that seemed to embody all the anxiety and frustration that would befall America a mere 3 weeks after its release. Which is why despite WORRY. making a respectable #7 on my top ten of 2016 list, it was undoubtedly the album from that year I kept listening to the most while clenching my way through the dregs of 2017. Continue reading

Top Ten Movies of 2017

2017 in film has come and gone, but here Sean, John, and Colin take a look back at it one last time. And also for the final time this year, we whip out the old Top Ten Thursdays format of talking about a long list of things in-depth, and then trying the listener’s patience debating whether something like The Florida Project is more of a number 7 or a number 8 (sorry for the spoiler). But if there’s one thing these guys can agree on, it’s that 2017 was an all-around great year for movies, bursting at the seams with great releases primed to get us through the dregs of January.

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Sean’s Top 10 Video Games of 2017

I wonder if 2018 will be the year I get back into video games? The past few years, being a gamer has become something of a secret shame, since you could argue that the alt right came out of the Gamergate controversy. Plus, video games are the most time-demanding media to make a hobby out of; it takes way more time to play a game than it does to check out a show or a watch movie or listen to an album… I guess reading books maybe take longer. Anyway, after watching the Last Jedi backlash, I’ve been reminded that all fans are terrible and just because other, bad people like a thing doesn’t mean I can’t like it too (I hope).

So I wish I had played more games last year. I regret not getting to play Divinity: Original Sin II the most, it looks so good and I never even bought it. I had a policy last year, it was my New Year’s resolution, to only buy a game if I was going to play it that night. Even with that, I still ended up with copies of Splatoon 2 and Persona 5 that I never got around to because I’m a sucker for that Prime 20% discount thing. I hope to do better this year.

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