2018 Mildly Pleased Summercast

Well, now the summer is over. It’s still warm out, but the kids are back in school and the smog has cleared (for the time being), so we’re calling it. Here’s a podcast where we briefly talk about some of our favorite summer media and also the main thing that happened, Criterion Month. I say briefly sarcastically, because this is pretty long for a mostly directionless podcast. Maybe you wanted to hear from us, though? Methinks that might be the case. In which case, hear away!


The Best of 2018 So Far…

Before we jump headlong into Criterion month, here’s a look back at the best of pop culture from 2018 so far. Things move fast these days, so if you blink, you might miss a great album or movie or television show, or maybe even a quality video game. Here, John, Sean, and Colin try to catch you up on the best stuff from this year, while making no bones about the fact there’s probably plenty of stuff they just didn’t have time to catch up with. Here’s to more great pop culture to distract us from the interminable hellscape that is 2018!


Pitching Tents 19: Star Wars Spin-offs

Hey everybody, there’s a Star Wars a-comin’! I don’t know if there’s as much excitement for the Solo: A Star Wars Story as there has been for the past few Star Wars movies. But well, I think Star Wars fatigue was somewhat inevitable. Still, from the TV promos I’ve seen, critics supposedly think Solo is “fun” and “exciting”, so I guess there’s that to look forward to. Also, what I’ve kind of gleaned from reviews so far is that it’s inoffensively passable. In other words, it’s a Ron Howard film. On this episode of Pitching Tents, the boys try to buck the trend of bland fan service-y Star Wars spin-offs and pitch something truly daring. But you know, also won’t piss off fans as much as an actual good Star Wars movie like The Last Jedi did.


The Second Annual Mildly Pleased Criterion Draft

Didn’t get enough of Colin, Sean, and John talking about snooty arthouse movies in the dead of blockbuster season last year? Well, have we got a treat for you! Once, again these three lads will embark on another July filled with nothing but reviews of movies that have been put out by the fine folks at Criterion. And because the NFL draft just ended (or maybe it’s still going, I don’t know…) it’s time for the drafting of which films will be watched over the course of said month. And because it’s just the way we roll, we took an entire podcast to figure out who gets to review what movies. See you (and by you, I mean literally that one snob out there who’ll actually be interested in these reviews) in July! Continue reading


Rokk Talk Ep. 15: Cover Me

You can’t judge an album by its cover. But you can judge an album cover by its album cover. This episode, John and Colin count down some of their favorite rock album covers ever while posing the question of how well an album cover can stand on its own. As well as whether a great album cover requires an abundance of warrior dudes on it to be truly great. Also, on the flipside, they take a brief tour through some of the worst album covers by a few of their favorite artists. Continue reading


Some Kind of Movie – Ep. 9: Why is Gamora?

When the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War came out, on top of my excitement I had one nagging thought: “This looks like the biggest movie ever… Until the next one.” Six years ago, when the first Avengers movie came out, it felt like a culmination of years of movies – all that lead-up was finally paying off. It was an experiment in blockbuster moviemaking hitherto undreamt of, and it was amazing. But then it kept going. Phase 2 came and went, with its Avengers movie not seeming nearly the same event, especially since the Guardians of the Galaxy was a more exciting team. It seemed like things could go on forever. But Marvel is smart, and now that we’re here again, they’re playing for keeps.

It’s comforting and exciting that Avengers: Infinity War positions itself as the setup for the grand finale of the MCU next year. It’s a movie that tries to pull in just about every character, weapon, and setting that’s still standing in this massive universe. With a scope this vast, you can’t help but marvel at how well everything turned out. It has to be seen to be believed. So do that, then join us on a spoiler-filled discussion of what is destined to be one of the biggest movies of ever. And yet, I still worry, what’s next?

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Rokk Talk Ep. 14: I’m the Greatest

To quote former Presidential candidate Herman Cain “I wanna be the very best. Like no one ever was. …” And only the best–or greatest in this case–have what it takes to release a greatest hits album.

This week, Colin and John discuss greatest hits albums. Are they a good way to introduce burgeoning music fans to new artists? Or are they bullshit. Listen and find out.

Click “Continue Reading” to see Colin and John’s Yesterday/Today album recommendations. Rokk on, listeners.

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