John Otteni

Freaky Fridays: Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park

Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park (1978)

Tomorrow, the entire Mildly Pleased staff is seeing Kiss on what has been sold as their final tour ever. I couldn’t be more excited. Yet if you asked me how I felt about Kiss I would also be the first person to tell you they suck. Call it a guilty pleasure but despite all of the shitty things about Kiss—the egos, the greed, the Kiss Casket—I love their theatricality and more importantly their music. Few acts in the annals of rock have so successfully merged pop songwriting with heavy metal. Fewer have done it while wearing capes and breathing fire.

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Top Ten Anticipated Movies of 2019

Do you have any idea how many blockbusters are coming out this year? Do you even know? Disney alone is releasing three remakes of animated classics, two Marvel movies, sequels to Toy Story and Frozen, and a Star Wars. A STAR WARS! And that’s just Disney! Will this be the year the box office implodes on itself? Or it will be the opposite? Will, any of us make it to 2020? Will mankind survive?!?

With that proclamation of doom out of the way let’s look at John, Sean, and Colin’s most and least anticipated films of 2019! 🙂

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John’s Top Ten Movies of 2018

Is it list making time already? Every year it feels like I’m playing catch up. Even as I’m writing this there are so many 2018 movies I still want to see; A Star is Born, The Favourite, The Guilty, Blaze, Burning, Free Solo, They Shall Not Grow Old, and Paddington 2 which is apparently the greatest movie ever made. I had a lot of trouble making a list this year. Maybe it’s not my fault. Maybe it’s 2018’s fault. I mean, Bohemian Rhapsody won “Best Drama” at the Golden Globes so who the hell knows what’s good anymore. Enough small talk. Let’s do this…

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John’s Top Ten TV Shows of 2018

I don’t know how many Top Ten TV posts I’ve written that dropped the phrase the “Golden Age of Television” but I’m going to keep doing it until it feels wrong. An issue with this outlook is it makes it hard to write a new intro to every year’s list. What can I say about the landscape that I didn’t say last year or the year before that? How about a shoutout to the quality of shows over a wide variety of platforms? I have shows on my list from Netflix, Adult Swim, AMC, Amazon Prime, HBO, FX, Cinemax. That’s right CINEMAX. When I was a kid Cinemax was the porn channel. Now they have a show from the King of the Hill guy. Who knows where next year’s best shows will come from. Penthouse TV? Only time will tell.

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John’s Top Ten Albums of 2018

I don’t always find ten albums I love every year. I don’t lose sleep over this conclusion because that’s what makes the search for new music exciting. It’s not a given I’ll always find an album that connects with me, but when I do, that’s a special feeling. 2018 had a lot of albums I appreciated, admired, respected, but few I loved. Plenty of albums were solid, maybe only one or two really spoke to me, but I always enjoy the journey. Here’s what I found.

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Shocktober Day 30: Revenge

Revenge (2017)

Here we are, my final post for Shocktober 2018 aka “Shuddertober”. I can’t think of a better way to end this dive into Shudder’s extensive horror catalog then with one of their most critically acclaimed exclusives. Revenge has been hailed as a visceral, badass, feminist exploitation flick. It’s been called one of the goriest and intense films of the year. So should you believe the hype?

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