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C.A.T.: Love Gun

KISS – Love Gun (1977)

This weekend I will see KISS in concert for the first (and almost certainly last) time. 2018 marks the beginning of their “End of the Road” tour, which will see the longtime rockers/sell-outs trekking across the world and gracing their fans with 40-year-old rock songs in what will supposedly be their last tour ever. To say that there’s any kind of wish fulfillment in seeing this band live would be a bit generous, considering I’ve always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with KISS. And I’m not sure there’s any better example of this love/hate relationship than 1977’s Love Gun, arguably the last “classic” KISS album. Continue reading

Top Ten Movies of 2018

It’s no longer 2018. In fact, it’s almost no longer January 2019. But that didn’t stop us from recording a podcast looking back at the best of what last year had to offer in film. Also, it wasn’t a bad week to do so, considering the Oscar nominations came out and… ooh boy, not a great crop of movies overall. Still, there were plenty of great films from 2018 that got little in the way of Oscar attention, and which we were happy to talk about.

Continue reading


Top Ten TV Shows of 2018

2018 was once again a dizzying year for TV, with so many options that you’d think the efforts of three people watching a decent amount of TV shows would have our current television landscape covered. Yet, there are still plenty of critically acclaimed shows none of us caught up with, and you know what? That’s fine. Because we still found plenty of shows we enjoyed, some on our own, and many that we could all agree on enjoying. Look for those here, as we look back at the best shows of 2018. Continue reading


Colin’s Top Ten Movies of 2018

Much like my top ten TV list, I don’t feel entirely satisfied with what I saw this year movie-wise. But, maybe that’s because there were more than a number films early on in the year that I figured would stick around in my memory as the year progressed, which looking at my list seems to be true. Still, I wish I had gotten around to seeing the likes of Support The Girls, Minding The Gap, and the ever-elusive Burning. That said, I still managed to put together a list I feel pretty good about, even if this year might not have had as many year-end “gotta see” movies as year’s past. Continue reading

Colin’s Top Ten TV Shows of 2018

This was undoubtedly the year-end list I was dreading having to write the most. I was simply checked out on a lot of TV this year. I keep questioning whether “Peak TV” and “A Golden Age of Television” is necessarily the same thing. Sure, there’s a lot of TV out there, but I don’t know. There’s only a handful of TV shows out there that impact me as much as, say the best 15 or so movies in a given year. Still, there seemed to be plenty of memorable TV to come out this year, and I probably watched only a small fraction of it. Continue reading

My Year At Hogwarts

As we wrap up 2018 (very slowly) here at Mildly Pleased, I figured I’d take the time to reflect on an unexpected pop culture journey that I went on over the course of last year. Which apparently involves a universe in which people just poo wherever they like…

There are often enormously popular franchises that I tend to let pass me by, which is almost certainly a product of my own snobbishness. Is this kind of apathy a good way to go through life? Well, considering people these days often make social connections over the pop culture they love, and embracing some of the more popular ones would possibly lead to a healthier social life… maybe. However, my Harry Potter fandom (or lack thereof) is a little more complicated than mere apathy. Continue reading

Colin’s Top Ten Songs of 2018

Honestly, I’m not sure why we’re doing this. I pretty much said everything I had to say about 2018 music in my Top Albums of the Year post. Or, at least, I did before I looked at it and saw that it read exactly like something someone would’ve begrudgingly written at midnight on Christmas Day. Regardless, I probably won’t put a ton of effort into this post. But then again, I guess that’s what top ten lists are for. No one comes to these things for the immaculate prose. It’s just all about those rankings… Continue reading